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With business competition as tight as it is, it's becoming more vital to have a strong web presence. We've had a LOT of success achieving high rankings in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and others.

We keep a pulse on the changes made with how the the major search engines crawl your site, so we can edit our web site marketing accordingly.

How far down the rankings do you search? Most people won't go past 20-30 results for the keyword, unless they can't find what they're looking for. With search results usually in the tens or hundreds of thousands, good web site marketing is a must to crack the top tier.

While these results don't show up overnight, they are long-lasting (see Spa Bella below). Here's a few samples of our marketing accomplishments:

Google Rank
Yahoo Rank
DM Wooden Flowers
wooden flowers
4 & 5
5 (of 18.8 million)
DM Wooden Flowers
wooden vases
2 (of 3.73 million)
ann arbor spa
Next Level Soccer Camps
buffalo soccer camps
2 & 3
4 (of 866,000)
Next Level Soccer Camps
new york soccer camps
9 (of 4.11 million)
Queen of Hearts
ypsilanti wedding cakes
3 & 4 (of 35,400)
Scorching Web Design
saline web design
1 (of 4.95 million)
Spa Bella*
(closed in 2005, and STILL showing in the top 10!)
ann arbor spa
Turke & Thomashow
ann arbor pediatrician
2 (of 222,000)
Turke & Thomashow
chelsea pediatrician
1 (of 158,000)

data from March, 2008